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Is your club looking for a reliable contractor to maintain its sports surface? From bowls to football our highly trained and experienced green keepers have worked at the highest levels within the industry. We can repair, maintain and present surfaces for play. We can work out a programme for your club which meets the budget and can take your club forward! Standard maintenance can include feeding, scarifying, cutting, aerating and much more! We are an all in one contractor who can maintain the entire grounds of your club! End of season renovations are our specialty! Let’s make your club the best in the league!

Lawn Care Lanarkshire LTD is one of the fastest growing grounds maintenance and landscaping companies in Scotland. We provide a fully comprehensive range of services to cater for our clients’ needs.

Our trained and caring staff will work tirelessly to improve the standards of your grounds and sports surfaces to give the perfect first impression to potential new clients as well as your existing customer base.

Founded in 2016 by managing director Gavin Gray, who’s background is in high level sports turf maintenance. The company strives to provide a first class service to every client that contacts us.

Our team has worked on various sized projects, from basic grass cutting to gritting and snow clearing for clients such as The NHS in order to keep health centres open and moving.

Our expertise is wide and varied across the industry, with over 100 years of greenkeeping experience available to draw upon we can improve any lawn or sports surface that we find!

Based in Motherwell we are able to cater for the needs of any client across Scotland.

LawnCare Lanarkshire LTD can cater for the needs of any sports surface, real or synthetic. Our staff are trained to the highest standards of the industry which gives our clients the complete piece of mind when choosing us as their contractor.

We offer a fully bespoke all round service which can include:

• Maintaining, Repairing and Presenting the surface for play
• Maintenance of the surrounding Grounds
• Maintenance, Repair, Installation and Servicing of Irrigation systems
• Installation and Maintenance of drainage systems

So what does each part entail?

Maintaining, Repairing and Presenting the surface for play

Lawn Care Lanarkshire LTD can provide a soil analysis for your surface to ascertain what action needs to be taken to improve the surface overall. We firmly believe if you treat the soil the surface will take care of itself!

We offer services such as:

• Cutting
• Line marking
• Goal installation
• Setting up heads
• Feeding
• Disease & Weed Control
• Aerating
• Top dressing

Our maintenance programmes are tailored to the exact needs of you, the client. Why not contact us for a free surface analysis and see what we can do for your club!

We can also install artificial bankings.

Maintenance of the surrounding grounds

Maybe there is a hedge around the bowling green that needs cut, a path that needs re-laid or power washed. Maybe the stadium requires litter picking or painting – we can cover it all!

Lawn Care Lanarkshire LTD can take away the hassle of having to find various different contractors to take on tasks around your club, we have a broad range of skills as well as an extremely reliable network of sub-contractors we can call on to take care of your premises.

We also can help with the clean up after events such as open days or matches with litter picking teams available as well as our cleaning partners.

Maintenance, Repair, Installation and Servicing of Irrigation systems

Another part of our incredible network of sub-contractors is an excellent irrigation install and service team. We can react to faults within your system and mobilise the team to get to your site and fix these issues quickly, no matter the system.

Installation and Maintenance of Drainage systems

Does your surface struggle to dry out after the rain has passed? We can survey, maintain and install drainage lines to take the water away from the surface, maintaining play as much as possible.

In the event of a suspected blockage we survey the inside of the pipe via a telescopic camera so we can quickly and accurately diagnose the fault without disrupting the sports surface unnecessarily. Repairs can then be carried out with minimum fuss.

Maintenance, Repair and Present it for play on Synthetic Surfaces

We can cater for artificial pitches and courts. Our maintenance programmes include but are not limited to:

• Brushing
• Weed control
• Line marking
• Top up and redistribution of rubber crumb material
• Repair of worn or damaged areas

Our staff go through rigorous in house training on all of our services. We are trained to the highest standard set out by industry bodies such as The Institute of Groundsmen. The machinery we use is the very best available to keep your surfaces in optimum condition so members have the utmost faith in the surface before play.

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